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Gardena Tankless Water Heater Install, Replair & Clean
Gardena Tankless Water Heater Install, Replair & Clean
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Ask A Drain Tech | Blog | Infographics | Video | Community
Gardena - Tankless and Standard Water Heaters
Gardena - Tankless and Standard Water Heaters
  • Bob & Marc Plumbing has been providing water heater service and installation in the South Bay for over 50 years..
  • We carry a C36 license and our Drain Services are factory certified.
  • Full all major brands of tank and tankless water heaters from basic service to complex multi unit high capacity water heating systems.
Gardena - Tankless Water Heater
Gardena - Tankless Water Heater
  • Bob & Marc Plumbing is approved installers for Rennai, Noritz, Navian, Takagi and Bosch.
  • All our technicians are level 13 trained by the factory in service or installation.
  • Every new installation or chnage out is permitted & inspected to ensure quality and safety.
  • We provide residential amd commercial applications.
  • Our Bob & Marc Plumbing trucks are fully stocked and satalite guided to ensure on time arrival and efficiency.
  • Tankless water heaters are enrgy efficient, space saving and provide endless hot water.
  • With tankless water heaters, you avoid using water that been stored in a tank with accumulated rust, soot and scale.
  • Most tankless water heaters have a typical life uo to 20 years. This can be 2x as long as a tank style unit.
Gardena - Tank (Traditional) Water Heater
Gardena - Tank (Traditional) Water Heater
  • At Bob & Marc Plumbing we carry high efficiancy and high recovery rate tanks.
  • We are Rheem and Bradford White certified installers and factory trained for service and installation.
  • All water heater installations are installed to the uniform Plumbing code.
  • We install all 30 gallon water heaters, 40 gallon water heaters, 50 gallon water heaters, 75 gallon water heaters and 100 gallon water heaters.
  • Not only will we install your new water heater, we will haul away your old water heater as well.
  • Our trucks carry all repair parts from water heater flexes to thermo couples for fast rebuild service.
Gardena - Electric Water Heater
Gardena - Electric Water Heater
  • From 5 gallon to 50 gallon electric water heaters, Bob & Marc Plumbing is your local Plumbing experts.
  • Our trucks carry all repair parts for your electric water heater. From circuit boards to heating elements.
  • Electric water heaters have many special advantages from no vents to no fear of gas leaks.
  • With electric water heaters you don't have to worry about lighting a pilot which also makes themm very effect.
  • AT Bob & Marc Plumbing, our water heater technicians are certified for service and electric water heater installation.
Gardena - Commercial Water Heaters
Gardena - Commercial Water Heaters
  • With commercial tankless water heater we can install multi heating systems for longevity of heating life.
  • Running cost on commercial tankles water heater is huge with up to 316 G.P.M..
  • Bob & Marc Plumbing installs all brands of 100 gallon commercial water heaters. From Rheem to Bradford White.
  • 100 gallon commercial water heaters have large storage capacity with high recovery rates and heatong capacity.
  • At Bob & Marc Plumbing, we will not only install your 100 gallon water heater, we will remove old units.
  • At Bob & Marc Plumbingare experts in service and repair for all commercial water heaters. From draft systems to electronic spark ignition systems. We can get the job done.
Gardena - Insta Hot Water Heater
Gardena - Insta Hot Water Heater
  • Bob & Marc Plumbing is proud to service and install all major brands of under counter water heater units.
  • For hot water at a single fixture, we provide 2½ to 5 G.P.M. insta hot units.
  • If you need hot water in a remote area of your warehouse without huge cost, Bob & Marc Plumbing can get it done.
  • An added feature to under counter water heating is a hot water dispencer with 60 cup 200 degree capacity.
  • Our under counter mini tank water heaters are sace saving and draws power from any 110 standard outlet.
Gardena - Hot Water Heater Recirculating Pumps
Gardena - Hot Water Heater Recirculating Pumps
  • Most hot water heater recirculating pumps cost less than a nickela day to operate.
  • We can program pump to work only during your peak usage hours.
  • Our technicians can also save on your water bill by having hot water ready & waiting at the frosther.
  • We offer hot water sensors that open the flow only when water drops below 95º.
  • Most people don't know that there are under counter pumps that don't require recirculating pump lines from pump to furthest fixture.
Gardena - Water Heater Maintinance and Service
Gardena - Water Heater Maintinance and Service
  • Check for proper ventilation for safety purposes.
  • Flush your tankless water heater with cleaning solution of white vinager.
  • Using high pressure water flush water heater of all rust and scale.
  • Our technicians will make sure gas and water connections are tight and free from corrosion.
  • The Bob & Marc Drain Service will check for earthquake straps, wT & P drain and water flex hoses.
  • We will ensure pilot light is burning properly and that your tank has integrity.

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